EZ Scan® Trial Demo

PST prefers that you schedule a quick 20 min online demo so we can recommend the proper software solution but if you would like to try yourself before you buy this is a great starting point to use most of our EZ-Scan® core functions.   This is a limited functioned version of our EZ-Scan® standard software (THIS IS NOT A DEMO OF OUR EZ-Scan Lite).   This demo will give you a good test and make sure our software will work with your current scanner or you can use our virtual scanner that will simulate having a check scanner and will provide the basic functions to capture the images and data you need.

If you already have a Canon CR model. DCC TS-230 or TS-240 or Panini Vision X unit, then first download the proper PST scanner driver from our Support Download Area.   If you don’t have a check scanner you can still demo our product by selecting our Demo Device within the software as a Scanning Device choice after you  download the Trial Demo by clicking the link below.

This is a limited trial.  It will be active for 45 days before it will expired or 250 checks have been scanned.  You can keep deleting the check to extend the 250 number of check up to the end of the 45 days.   If you like the software you need to purchase before the 45 days run out it can not be extended pass the 45 days.

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