EZ-Scan® NP

EZ-Scan® Remitance is a customized version of our EZ-Scan® Pro product

EZ-Scan NP (Non-Profit) Desktop

EZ-Scan® NP (Non-Profit) is a customized version of our EZ-Scan® Standard product, designed for desktop name and address processing. You get all the advantages of our Standard product and the plug-ins that will provide a complete system to capture name and address data from the face of checks.

EZ-Scan® NP is a customized version of our EZ-Scan® Standard product. You get all the advantages of our Standard product Plus the ability to store names and addresses from the check and recall name and address data from a previous scanned check.

The captured data can be parsed and matched against your existing customer data. Reports can be generated that show the captured check payment data. Data can also be retrieved to show daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals of all monies by the client or show grand totals. All reports can be exported to an Excel or CSV file so you can easily import them to your current accounting or processing software.

A Check 21 compliant file can also be created so you can deposit your checks electronically if your bank accepts remote deposits. EZ-Scan® NP software can offer you a low-cost check capture process that will improve your data process.

Product Features


  • Images can be stored to EZ-Scan® database.
  • All item in transaction can be linked. ‘One to One’, ‘One to Many’, or ‘Many to One’
  • Exports to current accounting system
  • Specialized Remittance processing plug-ins such as barcode, OCR, parsing, and Car/Lar Readers
  • Batch and Item fields are captured and stored.
  • Up to 2GB combined data/image storage.
  • Built-in viewer with search capabilities.
  • Built-in check field verifier.
  • Custom and pre-defined import capabilities.
  • Application-level security.
  • MICR repair tool (uses OC R to correct misread MICR).
  • Image storage to database or file system.
  • User-definable database location (allows switching between databases).
  • Email capability.
  • Custom and pre-defined export capabilities.
  • User-definable Batch fields with search ability (up to twenty-five additional Batch fields may be added).
  • User-definable Item fields with search ability (up to twenty-five additional Item fields maybe added).
  • Archiving module to move items offline.
  • Multi-user accessible.
  • User-level security.
  • Royalty-free viewer stations.

Optional Features

  • EZ-Scan.NET Server (browser based viewer).
  • Enterprise-level data and image storage(SQL Server).
  • Enterprise-level data and image storage (Oracle).


  • EZ-Scan Database Import
  • EZ-Scan Generic Ascii (Customizable Text import)
  • EZ-Scan Ivory Import
  • EZ-Scan Check 21 Import


  • EZ-Scan Database Export
  • EZ-Scan Text Export (Customizable CS V or fixed)
  • EZ-Scan Synergy Check Export
  • EZ-Scan Synergy Doc Export
  • EZ-Scan Full Text Export
  • EZ-Scan Image Export
  • EZ-Scan BAI Export
  • EZ-Scan Check21 Export
  • EZ-Scan CSP Export
  • EZ-Scan XML Export
  • EZ-Scan PDF Export


  • Grid Listing Report
  • Batch Listing Report
  • Batch Summary Report
  • Batch Detail Report
  • Route Code Total Report
  • Route Code Detail Report

Tools and Extras

  • Start up Wizard
  • Activation Tool
  • Access database compact tool
  • Data Purge
  • Query Tool
  • Storage Wizard
  • Check 21 Viewer
  • Database Viewer
  • Image Viewer
  • Auto database importer
  • Plug-in, Export, Report and Tool custom
  • templates to create your own modules.


  • PST Data Entry Plug-In v1.0
  • PST MICR OCR Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Voice Verify Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Document Recognition Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Field Evaluation Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Image Validation Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Parsing Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Sorting Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Verify Template Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Virtual Encoder Plug-In v1.0

Optional Plug-Ins

  • PST Barcode/OCR Plug-In v1.0
  • PST CAR/LAR Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Check Recognition Plug-In v1.0
  • PST OCR Mitek Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Lotus Mail Plug-In v1.0
  • PST Duplicate Checker Plug-In v1.0
  • PST PDF Output Plug-In
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