Canon CR-L1

Canon CR-L1 - imageFORMULACheck Scanner

Whether deployed at the teller line in bank branches or commercial/retail locations, the CR-L1 scanner meets the requirements for distributed check capture and remote deposit, offering Canon hallmarks of affordability, high performance, and ultra-reliable design. For unmatched image reproduction, the user-friendly CR-L1 offers a choice of high-quality scanning in black and white, grayscale, or 24-bit color and resolutions up to 300 dpi. The CR-L1 scanner can feed batches of up to 50 items at a time, and capture MICR data along with images of both sides of checks at a fast 45 checks per minute (U.S. checks, 200 dpi, B&W, or Grayscale). The CR-L1 is an excellent choice for low volume requirements for our EZ-Scan software.
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